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About Quarryville Academy Online
We will begin with the end — the telos — of this endeavor:  to provide our church and community with an interactive site to supplement the live classes we want to offer for the renewing of many minds.

This page is our organizational hub.  Find the name of your present course above, or follow recent posts and exchanges on the Works in Progress page. Follow the links to articles, videos, and assignments.  Participants and others are welcome to interact about these resources here on this blog (Talking Points) as well as during class meetings.

Click on Academy Courses to see a list of the classes presently offered at Quarryville Academy.  Materials from past courses can be accessed in the Course Archives (under Resources).

You are welcome to ask questions, make requests, or point out problems in the comments below.  (First-time commenters will need to be screened by an administrator, so don’t be surprised if your comment does not appear immediately.)

The administrators reserve the right to remove comments that do not reflect a spirit of charity or godliness.

The Quarryville Academy weblog is dedicated to furthering the work of God in instructing His church.  Use of resources by authors and speakers does not imply blanket endorsement of the ministries or theologies they represent.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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